School Mission & Vision

Zinc Vidyalaya stands upright with a mission of all-round development of its students. The development of knowledge and skills among the students of today is not only the prime goal of education but also the need of the contemporary fast-paced industrial era. Hence, to cater to the demands of the existing challenging system, we organize various activities, competitions and personality development classes for the students. The students are intensively indulged into role plays, conversations and phonetics. The teaching-learning process is also made influential and effective through the interactive digital board. All the faculty members are competent, qualified and well-motivated to render their best not only with respect to the sole aspect of education but all-round development of the students too. Vidyalaya gives the platform to the students to exhibit their latent skills and potentials and primarily focus on the confidence-building and development of mannerisms and moral values among the students. We strongly believe that the students who are skilled, confident and positive would certainly achieve academic excellence as positive mental health and determination are the key aspects to ensure success in life.


  • APPRECIATES others.
  • BRAVES challenges.
  • Is COURTEOUS to all, respect elders, is friendly to equals and gentle with juniors.
  • DEALS gently with others.
  • ENCOURAGE others in pursuit of noble goals.
  • FEELS God’s presence.
  • Gives due respect to public property.
  • Is both HONOURABLE and HONEST.
  • INSISTS on fair play, applauds a victorious opponent.
  • JUDGES a situation only after assessing all facts.
  • Is KIND in thought.
  • LEARNS from his/her MISTAKES and moves forward.
  • NEVER puts off till tomorrow what he/she can do today.
  • OBSERVES his/her personal routine faithfully.
  • Is PUNCTUAL and is PEACE loving.
  • Is in QUEST of QUALITY always.
  • RESPECT the old, poor, disabled.
  • STRIVES for excellence and perfection.
  • TRIES to help those less privileged than himself.
  • URGES others to perform to the best of their ability.
  • VALUES the benefits of a clean and healthy environment.
  • WILLINGLY accepts and sincerely does the work assigned to him/her.
  • As EX– student always remains loyal to his/her ALMA MATER.
  • YEARNS for and searches for the good in his/her world.
  • Is ZEALOUS about the honour and glory of the motherland.

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